Logistics are critically important to the supply chain. Westport can facilitate transportation, distribution, Customs negotiations, documentation and organization, arrange import and export services via land, air or sea.

Transportation Management

Whether we are distributing sub-assembled parts to one of our customers, or simple part distribution from facility to facility, we always operate under the phrase “sense of urgency”. In most all industries where Sequencing and Assembly are primary customer needs, everything is generated by time. Making sure that we function by that philosophy and educating our work force to know that performing their job duties quickly and efficiently with JIT deliveries, is critical.


Westport currently occupies and over sees over 998,000 square feet of warehousing facilities in the United States for our customers. We also have the availability to quickly expand if a customer has the need.


Distribute product to our customers on an as need basis.
Our transportation capabilities enable us to provide the timely product distribution that is essential to the customer.

  • Westport provides customer exclusive transportation services.