Assembly is an essential component of the manufacturing process. Westport is prepared to absorb any aspect of the comprehensive assembly process.

Our company success in component integration has created a foundation in the Automotive Industry. It is through our core business of assembly and sub-assembly that has allowed Westport to continue to grow and expand regardless of economic conditions. For over 21 years Westport has consistently and accurately provided quality built components to their customers, which has opened gateways into different areas to seek new opportunities in other industries such as Farm Machinery Industry, Appliance Industry, Packaging Industry, Toy Manufacturing Industry, Food Packaging Industry.

Sequencing, Kitting, Metering & Bulk

Westport provides sequencing and metering for the biggest names in the automotive Industry. Providing correctly picked parts and components to customers in sequential or bulk manner with world class results are the basis of our company philosophy of “Let Us Reinforce Your Success”. Having capabilities of connectivity to all of our customers enables proper broadcast of how components are to be sequenced as well as receiving Min/Max levels on Metered parts and when product needs to be shipped.

Sorting, Packaging & Replacing

Whether it be automotive, electronics, or clothing, Westport can provide Sorting and Packaging for most any industry.

Performing Sorts for part verification and defect containment is crucial for our customers in order to eliminate unwarranted cost to them and the OEM. Westport performs this service to customers for the following reasons:Containment for Bailment/Non-bailment parts that may have a defect or issue.

  • Quarantine procedures for customers if the need arises.
  • Cut off and containment abilities.
  • Visual/Physical inspection of parts.
  • Re-packaging.
  • Labeling/Re-labeling.
  • Packaging and repackaging of various commodities is a service that we provide for our customers as well.