The Westport Bluegrass Park Bulk Distribution Warehouse

Westport is proud to introduce our newest Westport facility, the “Westport Bluegrass Park Bulk Distribution Warehouse”

Westport is proud to announce the opening of their new 25,000 square foot Bulk Distribution Warehouse facility in Jeffersontown, KY.

With the opening of this warehouse, Westport has again shown that through maintaining customer commitment, JIT reaction capabilities, and a hardworking and dedicated workforce, “we can, and do” provide our customer’s success at any level of service needed.

From start to finish (gaining working access to our building, and completely revamping it internally with newly constructed offices, and docks, to the first bulk delivery to our customer) was a little shy of 40 days. June 2016 to July 2016.

Our commitment to our customer to achieve this launch is second to none, and is also another example of Westport “reinforcing the customer’s success”.


Westport Bluegrass Park